The only AI Driven Digital Health Solution. Powering individuals to take charge of their health Empowering Care givers Patient 360 transformation from Reactive Health Care to Proactive Well Care.

AI driven noninvasive biomarkers and vitals measurements monitoring and health wallet enables a complete and true digital triage.

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Burlington, Vermont, USA
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Data Driven Digital Health.

We are the world’s first AI driven healthcare solution providing true digital triage with noninvasive biomarkers and vitals measurements on demand along with patient 360 data.

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Noninvasive Ai Biomarkers

Trustr at the forefront of digital health transformation

TrustrTM has been at the forefront of digital transformation and innovation in the Healthcare Industry. Its transformative Platform 1.0 has brought about a much-desired change in the sector with the EMR on demand on the edge and data owned by the patient with consent-based sharing of data. The solution with HIPAA compliance and multi layered data security is in use across the world.

Trustr 2.0 is further testimony to transformation at work and in putting the end users – patient in charge of their wellbeing by allowing measurement of vitals and key bio markers without the need for visiting a clinic or a laboratory for drawing blood for testing – for that reason a new paradigm shift to noninvasive biomarkers and vitals measurements.


Our Mission

To Drive the shift from Healthcare to Wellcare using data as the sole source of truth.


Our Vision

To Democratize access to healthcare globally one person at a time.

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We provide the true digital health triage.

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For Emergencies contact the emergency help line in your

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